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It is our pleasure at Amlap Source Inc. to provide the First Nations with the most effective and reliable product for Odour Control for your lagoons and water waste systems.


Our line of products are environmentally friendly and will not harm any filtration or aeration systems that are in place.

Our Odour Control products prevent the formation of sulphur or thiol containing compounds which filtration or aeration systems cannot do alone.


Please feel free to contact us with any of your product needs.

Water Flowing Out Pipe

Lift Station Cleaner 

A biodegradable heavy-duty liquid treatment and odour control for grease traps, drains, sumps, garbage and sewage areas. A concentrated solvent degreaser, that is non-acid, non-caustic and non-corrosive. 

Liquid Swarm (Can-Dure)  

Has been recognized as one of the most effective odour control products on the market today.

A biological liquid that will handle grease and organic waste problems in all types of systems. 

Septic Tanks System Installing


A biological powder that cleans, maintains and deodorizes drains, grease traps, septic systems,

waste disposal plants and lagoons. 


- Mechanical and automotive sumps
- Waste holding tanks containing fecal or organic waste
- Septic and Lagoon Waste treatment sites
- Landfill sites
- Holding tanks
- Oil rig sites
- Parks and recreation areas


- Environmentally friendly and non-toxic
- Biodegradable to naturally occurring substances of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water.
- Eliminates odours at recommended dosages
- Liquefies bulk waste
- Safe for disposal in municipal waste centres
- No effect on sewage treatment process at recommended doses
- Approved for use by Parks Canada

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