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Natural Cleaning Products


We provide up to date MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and TDS (Technical Data Sheet) with each order.

All Clean Neural Cleaner

Concentrated cleaner that does not affect floor polish shine, use also on all types of floors, walls and etc.


Highly concentrated with a PH of 13, will quickly degrease while leaving a fresh citrus odour

Desolv Super Powder

A multi use powder concentrate designed for use where liquid type cleaner/degreasers are not recommended. Contains no phosphates.

Heavy Duty # 97or Cleaner

Multi-purpose product designed for problems areas of degreasing, heavy duty cleaning and stripping of carbonized deposits. An excellent product for “soaping� gas wells, proven results are instantaneous after initial treatment. Highly concentrated, non-flammable free rinsing, biodegradable and rust inhibiting.

Kleen It

General cleaning of all types of floors, walls and equipment. (With Butyl)

Lift Station Cleaner (available in cherry scent)

A specialized formula designed to lubricate and cover all surfaces of lift station pits to prevent sludge buildup and odours.

Super Aluminum and Stainless Steel Cleaner

Concentrated, acid based cleaner used for pressure cleaning all types of tanks, trailers and buildings by quickly removing road film, diesel smoke, as well as sour gas deposits.

Super Orange Citrus Cleaner/Degreaser

An all natural citrus extract cleaner and deodorizer which is designed for a multitude of industrial and institutional applications

Super Solvent Extra Cleaner/Degreaser Food Safe

An all purpose, concentrated cleaner/degreaser that can be used for a multitude of cleaning tasks from plant floors, decks, work benches, stairs, doors, walls etc. Low foaming and free rinsing can be applied with a spray bottle, bucket or most effective when used in a pressure washer or automatic floor machine and can be used in food related applications. 

Super Tar Off

This product was designed specifically for use on construction tools and equipment to effectively and easily remove asphalt residues.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

A mild, citrus cleaner formulated expressly for use in ultrasonic cleaners. This product is very low foaming.

Wipe Out � Gel Vandalism Remover

Will cling to surfaces to effectively remove graffiti from porous and non-porous areas.

Envirogreen Tile & Grout Cleaner

A safe, efficient and totally biodegradable product designed to remove soap film and hard water scale from all tile and grout surfaces, as well as fight mildew and deodorize.

Contact Cleaner

Ideal for removing grease or dirt from sensitive electronic, television and telephone equipment. Non-flammable and non-toxic.

Super 2 N 1 Auto Rinse

Eliminates water spots, films and streaks from glassware, dishes, plastic trays and silverware. Fast drying assured

Foaming Germicidal Cleaner

An effective cleaner disinfecting deodorant used on hard surfaces in places such as food processing plants, hospitals etc. Kills staphylococcus aureus, salmonella choleraesuis and pseudomonas aeruginosa. 

Challenger 1 Super Quat

A concentrated quaternary disinfectant for use in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and food preparation areas. Destroys most bacteria related to food poisoning 9Salmonella, E. Coli. Etc.) 

Concrete Cleaner

A strong alkali-based cleaner designed for the removal of embedded soils including grease, oil, dirt, grime, algae gum, tire marks, stains, scum and sewage waste from concrete, brick or tile surfaces

Electric Motor Cleaner

A safe, effective cleaner/degreaser for use on electrical equipment where water is not suggested. May be used while equipment is still under power (up to 25,000 VAC) and will not harm plastic components.

Heavy Duty Pine

A cleaner and deodorizer designed for all types of cleaning jobs. Pleasant pine odour.

Lift Off & Lift Off Extra Food Safe Cleaner

A multi-purpose cleaner/degreaser that is highly concentrated and may be diluted down to 70:1 when used in pressure washers. Approved by agriculture Canada for use in food preparation areas such as kitchens, cafeterias and any type of food processing facility.

Neutral Floor Cleaner

A product designed specifically for tough soil conditions on woodwork, marble, ceramic and floor tile as well as any other hard stone surfaces. Low foaming, free rinsing and contains no butyl cellosolve.

Super Enzyme Digester Liquid

An excellent drain opener and deodorizer that provides a natural solution to attacking and removing of greases, fats and other organic residues. May be used for regular drain maintenance as well as the removal of organic stains, including, milk, urine, vomit, blood, etc. from carpet and fabrics.

Super Solvent Extra Cleaner/Degreaser

An all purpose, concentrated cleaner/degreaser that can be used for a multitude of cleaning tasks from plant floors, decks, work benches, stairs, doors, walls etc. Low foaming and free-rinsing can be applied with a spray bottle, bucket, or most effective when used in a pressure washer or automatic floor machine.

Safety Solvent-Liquid

Motor and equipment cleaner that works quick and easy. Excellent for electric motors and electrical components. Non flammable.

Tuff Kat Hand Cleaner

A thick, rich, heavy-duty hand cleaner with lotion that has pumice added for extra cleaning strength. Pleasant fragrance and economically priced.

Super Mineral Spirits

Excellent solvent for thinig oil based paints, varnishes or for general cleaning purposes. Removes oil and wax residue, grease and dirt. 

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Restores original lustre to all metal surfaces. Cleans and polishes while resisting smear and fingerprints. 

Anti-Static Spray

Anti-Static Spray
An aerosol product designed to control static electricity while working on electronic parts. 

Super Auto Dish

A super concentrated machine dishwashing liquid. It cleans dishes, glasses and other eating utensils rapidly and efficiently. Liquid has greater wetting and penetrating properties, removes grease and rinses freely and quickly. 

Silicone Dry Lubricant

Heat stable silicone that leaves a dry but lubricated film. Stops sticking, binding and squeaking.

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