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Image by Dmitriy Demidov


We at AMLAP Source Inc. are proud to have an exclusive selection of highly concentrated Automotive products.

We provide up to date MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and TDS (Technical Data Sheet) with each order.

Liquid Blast (Pressure Spray Truck Wash)

Heavy duty liquid vehicle wash. Very effective in removing heavy soils, grease and road films from surfaces of trucks, trailers and buses.


Handy Car Wash and Wax

Super concentrated detergents providing suds for a thorough excellent removal of soil, dirt, road film and grease with minimum effort. Leaves the auto surface shiny and bright. No streaking on car, glass or chrome.


Super Truck and Car Wash with Wax

A powerful automotive cleaner with added wax, for use in automatic car washes. Dries to a sparkling finish.


Safety Solvent-Aerosol

Motor and equipment cleaner that works quick and easy.


Airline Lubricants

  • Airlube 10NM (winter non misting) 

  • Airlube 32NM (non misting) 

  • D-Ice (De-Icing fluid)

Car Engine

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Please contact us so we can discuss all your auto motive needs.

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