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We provide up to date MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and TDS (Technical Data Sheet) with each order.

Canndure Odour Check

The most effective product on the market today for controlling organic odors. For use in lagoons, marine holding tanks, RV holding tanks, railroad holding tanks, port-a-potties, or anywhere organic waste accumulates, also effective in machines coolant sumps.

Liquid Swarm (Can-dure)

A biological liquid that will handle grease and organic waste problems in all types of systems. Controls odours.

Royal Shot

Acid based drain opener with an odour blanket. (Inhibited)

TKO Drain Opener

A very powerful alkali drain opener used both as a drain problem solver as well as a preventative agent. 

Scale It

A clear, colourless liquid formulated for the removal of the buildup of hard water and lime deposits on iron, stainless steel, copper or aluminum drainage and processing lines, water meters etc.

Thunder (Granular Drain Opener)

To open, clean and prevent blockages and clogging in municipal sewer lines, meat packaging and food processing plants. 

Powder Swarm

Cleans, maintains and deodorizes drains, grease traps, septic systems, waste disposal plants and lagoons.

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