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We at AMLAP Source Inc. are proud to provide top quality and environmentally safe de-icing products to use on your roads as well as Community walkways. These products will offer the satisfaction and comfort of having safer driving and walking conditions during the harsh winter months along with an easy application process. Please contact us for further information on how you can start melting the ice!

Narrow Road

Melt Away Super De-Icer (Liquid)

Anti-icing – apply to the road surface before a storm to prevent a hard bond of ice, reduce snow buildup and speed snow and ice buildup. Apply to remove a thin layer of snowpack or ice already on the road, very effective for melting black ice and freezing rain. 

Melt Away Super De-Icer – Pellets 

Will melt effectively down to -25 degrees C, well below most other de-icers. Substantially less toxic than many other common ice melters, a form of this product is used as a mineral supplement in some animal feed. No residue and no fillers means nothing is left in the spring to clean up. 

Snow Forest Road
Long haul trucking

Total Ice Control....

  • Natural high performance ice melt that is safer for people, pets, concrete and the environment

  • Environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable

  • Leaves NO residue, so there is no damage or clean-up

  • Safe for use in and around green spaces

  • Certified effectively to melt down to -25oC... well below common ice melt

  • Starts working immediately

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